OpenShop 1.7.1

New OpenShop update is live with latest OpenCart and vQmod 2.5.Also full Turkish translation added - thanks to Teknikuzman.

OpenShop 1.7

This is great OpenShop release that brings CMS part to nice usable level. Also new simple checkout and registration engine was added. It is compatible with all payment and shipping 

OpenShop 1.6.1 released

This OpenShop release is based on new OpenCart There is no new features, just some bug fixes.Installer was updated to support MySQLi and to choose the database engine.

Lets error messages be your friends!

OpenShop 1.6.b is released. Now when you get an error message you can: google it for solutions find the Tweaks that may be guilty open the PHP file in editorAlso 

OpenShop 1.6.a released

All bugs of previous release are fixed now and you can use this version for production. Also: new vQmod 2.4.1 support old text editor is back (colorful and fully functional)

Localization Guidelines

OpenShop is first distribution that supports complete localization - including installation, demo data and national payment/shipping modules. With your help it can be perfect shop for your country.

What's first?

For your language to be present in OpenShop, it needs to have good Opencart language files both for admin and frontend. As a native-speaker, you can judge different language packages and select the best one to include into OpenShop.

Translators Package

Here you can download Translator Package. It contains all the files that should be translated to fully localize OpenShop to your language. 

Sure, it's not easy to make all the work at once, so here are levels you can pass one by one (or even make the first one only, it will be included into distribution anyway). Anyway, stick to this shedule to make your efforts more valuable.

Level1: OpenShop core lexics


Level2: OpenShop modules

Rest of files at admin and catalog folders (11 files total). You can copy and paste here parts of regular modules lexics from existing modules translations.

Level3: Installation database

All data that gets to default installation and should be translated is contained at install/language/english.sql. This file itself is divided into sections with comments. Consider translating first section at least, that contains critical lexics (Order and Stock statuses, etc).

Level4: Installation interface


Level5: national payment and shipping modules

It is great when all national modules are installed along. Every module you send will be included. Modules should be compatible with OpenCart and be the best ones among freely avaible.

Please send your work and thoughts at

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