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OpenShop 1.7.1

New OpenShop update is live with latest OpenCart and vQmod 2.5. Also full Turkish translation added - thanks to Teknikuzman.
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OpenShop 1.7

This is great OpenShop release that brings CMS part to nice usable level. Also new simple checkout and registration engine was added. It is compatible with all payment and shipping 
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OpenShop 1.6.1 released

This OpenShop release is based on new OpenCart There is no new features, just some bug fixes. Installer was updated to support MySQLi and to choose the database engine.
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Lets error messages be your friends!

OpenShop 1.6.b is released. Now when you get an error message you can: google it for solutions find the Tweaks that may be guilty open the PHP file in editor Also 

OpenShop 1.6.a released

All bugs of previous release are fixed now and you can use this version for production. Also: new vQmod 2.4.1 support old text editor is back (colorful and fully functional)

About vQmod

vQmod is genuine code modification engine. It makes tweaks sharing easy and manageable. 
vQmod is considered a must-have asset for OpenCart system.

How to install?

  1. Download
  2. Extract ZIP contents to your shop root (like /home/myshop/public_html
  3. Navigate with your browser to your shop URL + /vqmod/install
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